Costs of living

Due to it’s geographical location, situating nearly to the Austrian border, you have to expect to a higher costs of living than in other Hungarian cities of similar size. The higher prices pertain first of all to the prices of the rented rooms (around 100.000 HUF for a private flat and 45.000 HUF for a shared flat). The dormitories for students in Sopron applies more friendly prices (around 20.000 HUF/month/person).
You can have lunch at prices starting from 800 Ft in several local restaurants with lunch menu. For other details please check the website:
You may buy a monthly ticket for the local buses for 2.200 Ft, but since the dormitories are not situated near the route of frequent bus-lines, students prefer to buy a second-hand bicycle at the beginning of their stay in Sopron. You will reach almost everywhere in town in 10-15 minutes by bike.

Sum of money you might need

Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Double Degree

Depending on your own needs for student-life you need approx. 250-350EUR/month. Please consider also the costs for the dormitory, which is about 110EUR/month. 

Important: before you move into the dormitory, you have to pay at the reception a deposit about 40.000 HUF. This sum you’ll get back after you move out from the dormitory and your room is in a proper shape. Please be prepared for paying the deposit!

Stipendium Hungaricum

If you stay in the dormitory, which is paid by the program, you will need about 250-300 EUR/month based on your needs. In the first month you will probably spend more money as you might have, to buy some basic things. Don’t forget: in the BA program you get 40.460 HUF scholarship/month which is about 120EUR depending on the daily course. In the PhD program the scholarship is 140.000 HUF/month in the first two years/during the training-research period and 180.000 HUF/month in the second two years/during the research-dissertation period.