Health insurance

For exchange students from EU countries

Health insurance
For getting the medically necessary treatment in Hungary, you will need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The health care provider decides whether the needed treatment is medically necessary during your stay in Hungary. Please do inform yourself in your homecountry about possible extended medical insurances valid in Hungary for hospital treatment and dentist.

How to use the European Health Insurance Card in Hungary
You need both the European Health Insurance Card and your passport or ID card.

If you need medically necessary treatment, it is advised to see a general practitioner (GP – “háziorvos”) first. The GP decides whether further specialised treatment is necessary and will issue a referral. Hospital treatment is normally provided through a referral from a GP. In urgent cases no referral is necessary.

Where a doctor or dentist issues a prescription, it should be taken to the pharmacy, where the EHIC shall be submitted as well. Subsidies on medicines can vary according to disease and type of product.

For citizens from non-EU states and third countries

Citizens and/or residents of countries, which are not part of the EU and which don’t have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of health care, have to pay full price for the health care services rendered in Hungary. Please do inform yourself before your departure to Hungary what kind of extended insurance possibilities your homecountry’s insurance companies provide for your whole stay in Hungary.

General practitioner (GP) in Sopron
If you stay in one of the university’s dormitories, your GP is:
Mr. Dr. Tibor Rehák
Address: Sopron, Táncsics str. 11.
Phone: (36 99) 312 318

Your dentist:
Ms. Dr. Kamilla Déry
Address: Sopron, Várkerület 43.
Phone: + 36 20 96 58 609

Soproni Erzsébet Oktató Kórház és Rehabilitációs Intézet
Address: Sopron, Győri út 15.
Phone: (+ 36 99) 514 200
Please visit the following page:

You can apply for this document only if you already have the Residence Permit. So this will be the last step on the field of documents you need for your stay in Hungary.

Please note that you are entitled to the following two health insurances for free of charge. You can get both of them:

  • Hungarian state insurance (TAJ-card=Társadalombiztosítási Azonosító Jel =Insurance Identifier Data)
  • Private insurance usually provided by the Generali Insurance Company

Here is a comparison between TAJ and Private insurance

TAJ card

Private insurance

  • can be used in Hungarian hospitals, surgeries and clinics operated by the Hungarian government. FREE of CHARGE!
  • can be used only in hospitals or doctors who have a contract with the insurance company
  • the staff hardly speaks English – some of the doctors might speak, rather the younger generation
  • you will be advised to an English speaking doctor
  • covers all health related costs with no limitation e.g.: surgery, X-ray (except if you need this for working purposes), bandages, staying in the hospital, etc.
  • covers only minor health issues e.g. cold, cough, fever, simple examinations up to 2 million HUF
  • if the surgery/hospital can’t handel your case, you will be sent to another where you don’t have to pay
  • if the surgery can’t handle your case, you will be sent to a Hungarian hospital where you have to pay. This cost can be covered by the insurance company but only if you have the invoice issued for the insurance company
  • basic dental services (checking, filling, root canal treatment, dental plaque removal) are free of charge at surgeries and clinics operated by the Hungarian government
  • treatments by the dentists are note covered at all, you have to pay for them
  • you’ll get the application form in my office and I will help you by filling it out. You need the following documents:
    • letter of award from Tempus Foundation
    • passport
    • residence permit
    • address card
  • if you wish to make a private health insurance please inform me and I will arrrange an appointment with the representant of the insurance company
  • TAJ card expires in 1 or 2 years, the expiry date is stamped on the card. The expiry date usually equals to the expiry date of the residence permit
  • usually valid for one year

How to get a new one?

Apply again for a new one within 30 days before the expiry date of the old one

How to get a new one?

Contact to your personal advisor at the insurance company