Residence Permit


Students from non-EU/EEA countries must obtain the residence permit within 30 days from the entry into Hungary – but as soon as possible. All non-EU/EEA citizens must have during their stay and studies in Hungary a valid residence permit. Please watch the exact datas (place and time of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc.) in the application form!

For the application you need the following documents:

  • one passport photo (please bring with you from home),
  • passport,
  • school attendance form,
  • form for non-EU/EEA citizens,
  • letter of award that you got from the Tempus Foundation,
  • accommodation reporting form for third country nationals: must be filled out and signed by the administration personal in the dormitory.


If you rent a flat: the “Accommodation Reporting Form for third country nationals” must be signed by the owner of the flat or the housing agency. Also yo need the Lease contract between you and the owner of the flat/the housing agency.